AIKIKAI FOUNDATION (Aikido World Headquarters)

Aikikai foundation is a name of organization that has been officially recognized by Japanese government since 1940. It is headed by the doshu, the living successor of the founder of aikido. The Aikikai Foundation operates Hombu dojo, which is also named Aikido World Headquarters. The Aikikai Foundation sends instructors around Japan on a continual basis. It also issues certificates of grading and instructor titles legitimated by the Doshu throughout the world. Founder of Aikikai was Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikikai Hombu dojo

The Hombu dojo in Tokyo is the headquarters of the Aikikai. It is sometimes called the Aikikai Hombu to distinguish it from the headquarters of later aikido organisations. Hombu dojo has about 30 instructors, and most are shihan. The instructors include the Doshu and Hiroshi Tada 9th dan. In 1967 the original single-story wooden structure was replaced by a five story modern building. Training takes place in three rooms, the main training area has 105 tatami mats (170m2). The other two training areas are often used for beginner's classes, children's classes, women's classes et. al. Classes are held seven days a week. Beginner's and regular classes are open to all Aikido practitioners that are or become Aikikai members. In these spaces Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, Waka sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba together with uchidechi continue in family tradition and spread aikido between students from Japan and abroad.


Doshu literally translates as 'Master of the Way'. It is the title denoting the head of the Aikikai. Although the same term could be used as a title within other disciplines, in Japanese its most common meaning is specific to the Aikikai Foundation. Doshu title

Morihei Ueshiba

O’ sensei, founder of aikido
14.12.1883 - 26.4.1969

1883 - born 14 Decembra in Tanabe, Wakayama prefecture
1912 – leaving to Hokkaido, meeting Sokaku Takeda there, master of Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujitsu. As future showed Takeda had the biggest influence on formation of aikido techniques.
1919 - meeting Onisaburo Deguchi main representative of Oomoto-kyo religious group that has main influence on forming the philosophical aspect of aikido
1927 – leaving to Tokyo and starting to spread the art of AIKI
1942 – art of AIKI is getting its final form and name – AIKIDO and is being registered through Dai Nippon Butoku Kai by Japanese government
1960 – receiving a medal from Japanese government - Shiju Hosho
1969 – 26 April, dying 86 years old

Kisshomaru Ueshiba

Second Doshu

1921 – born 27 Juni in Ayabe
1946 - studied at Waseda University – Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences
1956 – first public demonstration of aikido
1957 – first book about aikido
1969 - receiving Aikido Doshu title
1995 – receiving medal - Zui Hosho from Japanese government
1999 – dying 4 January, 77 years old

Moriteru Ueshiba

Third  Doshu
born 1951

1951 - born 2 April in Tokyo
1976 – studied at Meiji Gakuin University – Faculty of Economy
1996 – becoming general director of Hombu Dojo Tokyo
1999 – receiving Aikido Doshu title

Mitsuteru Ueshiba

Waka sensei
born 1980

1980 – born in Tokyo
2010 – becoming dojo-cho Aikikai Iwama dojo in Ibaraki prefecture

  • Grand grand son of Morihei Ueshiba
  • Waka sensei means young teacher. He is being prepared to be the next Doshu. He has been studying aikido under Kisshomaru Uesiba and Moriteru Ueshiba