About Us

Slovak aikido association; SAA (Aikikai Slovakia) is a civic association founded on February 4,1994 with headquarters in Trnava. Today Aikikai Slovakia is active all over Slovak Republic.

Adress: P.O.Box 206, 917 00  Trnava/ Veterná 6489/10, 917 00 Trnava

Contact phone number: +421 905 352 542

Website: www.aikikai.sk

E-mail: prezident@aikikai.sk

Aikikai Slovakia is an unpolitical cultural organization that joins members interested in practicing aikido. Every citizen of Slovak Republic or European Union who is not a member of any other aikido association can become member of Aikikai Slovakia. In order to practice aikido all members of Aikikai Slovakia are being associated in aikido clubs. These clubs are sheltered under Aikikai Slovakia system (in winter 2013 there were almost 600 regular members in 27 clubs.) Aikikai Slovakia is the only organization in Slovak Republic that is a proper member of European Aikido Federation (EAF) as well as a proper member of International Aikido Federation (IAF).

The supreme authority in Aikikai Slovakia is called “General Assembly” (assembly of dojo/clubs leaders) that is taking place on a regular base at least once in a year. “Aikikai Slovakia Board” is being voted every 4 years through General Assembly. Aikikai Slovakia Board remains the supreme authority in Aikikai Slovakia between General Assembly meetings.

Aikikai Slovakia Technical Committee (TK SAA) on the other hand is the highest authority concerning aikido technique and didactic system. It is being responsible for running national, regional and internal seminaries as well as for teaching and exams activities, Shidoshakai activities, etc.

In cooperation with Aikikai Foundation – Aikido World Headquarters – Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan) in March 1993 General Assembly of Aikikai Slovakia has adopted legislation that is precisely defining responsibilities and rights of Technical committee considering all technical aspects of aikido. First technical director become Shihan Masatomi Ikeda from Japan (7th Dan Aikikai) and as his assistant was nominated Mr. Michele Quaranta from Switzerland (4th Dan Aikikai / 7th Dan at present). According to legislation adopted by Aikikai Slovakia technical director was the only authority given the right to perform the Dan grade exams. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen health issue Shihan Masatomi Ikeda sensei had to resign on all his commitments in Aikikai Slovakia in January 2003. Since 2003 the next Aikikai Slovakia technical director has become Mr. Michele Quaranta sensei (6th Dan Aikikai, Aikikai Slovakia Shihan) who has been ever since leading Technical Committee. Members of Technical Committee are: Mário Černý, Karol Olejník, Kamil Kozák, Jakub Hlosta, Miroslav Šmíd (all of them 4th Dan Aikikai at present).

The supreme control authority in Aikikai Slovakia is called “Revision or Audit Committee” and is being voted for a 4 years period. It is a duty of Revision Committee to give a report its activities on General Assembly at least once in a year.

Since Januar 15, 2014 several members of Aikikai Slovakia have successfully achieved master grades (Dan) in aikido: 3 times 5th Dan, 6 times 4th Dan, 15 times 3rd Dan, 32 times 2nd Dan. These members are being assembled in Aikikai Slovakia Shidoshakai ergo committee of teachers and are signed with title Aikikai Slovakia Fukushidoin (2nd and 3rd Dan) andAikikai Slovakia Shidoin (4th and 5th Dan). Aikikai Slovakia Judansha is formed from all the members with a master grade (more than 130 members at present).

Accordingly to international rules it is permitted to wear “a hakama” only after having succeeded in passing master grade exams. Unlike the others aikido organizations in Slovak Republic Aikikai Slovakia does not recognize the so called “national grades”. Dan grade exams in Aikikai Slovakia are taking place with permission of Hombu Dojo (that is why they are worldwide recognized). Aikikai Slovakia Shidoshakai is responsible for kyu grade exams on regional eventually internal base.

Between 1995 and 2001 Aikikai Slovakia organized regularly weekend seminars and between 1997 and 2001 summer schools in cooperation with Ikeda sensei. These activities were generously supported by his assistant Mr. Quaranta who has become the new technical director in 2003. In the last years Aikikai Slovakia has been cooperating with Mr. Daniel Vetter (6th Dan Aikikai, Aikikai Czech Republic technical director ) who was a former student and assistant of Ikeda sensei as well. Under the guidance of Quaranta sensei Aikikai Slovakia has been keeping on organizing regularly weekend national seminars, summer schools, as well as Judansha and Shidoshakai seminaries. Once in a year takes place a weekend seminar with Shihan Katsuaki Asai (8th Dan Aikikai, Germany/Japan) and Aikikai Slovakia is also experienced in organisig various seminars with masters from abroad (Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, etc.) in cooperation with technical director Mr. Quaranta. Slovak masters ( 2nd – 5th Dan Aikikai) are leading more than a dozen regional and internal seminaries all over Slovakia, Moravia and Czech Republic.